the meadows

by the meadows

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released September 1, 2015

Jeff Waryan : guitar / vox / mandolin
Pete Linman : guitar / bass guitar / vox
Wendy Lewis : guitar / vox
*Brent Sigmeth / pedal steel on Badlands

Songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Brent Sigmeth at Littlebig Studio



all rights reserved


the meadows Minneapolis, Minnesota

There was never any more inception than there is now,

Nor any more youth or age than there is now,

And will never be any more perfection than there is now,

Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.

Walt Whitman
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Track Name: South'ren Dirty
South'ren Dirty (Jeff/Wendy)

wind on the mountain—hollerin through skirts of sycamore trees
death breathes on the prairie—there’s dirt on my knees
the sun is rising / another day in front of me

i love you only, you circle my sky—up in the blue, keeping a hawk’s eye
the sun is setting / another day behind me
Track Name: An Elegant Swarm of Starlings
An Elegant Swarm of Starlings (Pete/Wendy)

in the morning crowding the trees, blooming in snow—proud and desperate like me
what are you doing? you should be in Kansas by now.

it's dark all the time (i'll have another one) maybe we'll fly these heavy blankets
what are you doing here? you should be in Kansas by now.

we won't survive the winter—
Track Name: The Hangman's Branch
The Hangman's Branch (Jeff)

A silent, side-long glance he stole.
The hangman's withered branch won't hold
An owl alighted to the trees - we cried and fell down to our knees

In sadness is a rising flood, with a causeway kissing cursed blood, that flows below

A Spanish horse rode through his dream, with a rider sent there to redeem he found the knife that killed a crow,
and cut the branch that hung down low

And resting near the willow root, the leaves were shifting underfoot from the sand and blood below.
Track Name: Requiem
Requiem (Pete/Wendy)

under the wide and starry sky dig the grave and let me lie.
glad did I live and gladly die and i laid me down with a will.

this be the verse you grave for me. here he lies where he longed to be.
home is the sailor, home from the sea and the hunter home from the hill.

fierce the cold, heavy the snow. heart held hostage, my feet kept slow.
i lost my way not long ago and i laid me down with a will

* first verse and chorus the words of Robert Louis Stevenson
Track Name: Broken
Broke (Wendy/Pete)

break down the ladder, break up the stepping off—broke through
the kitchen door, woke up the cup. break up. break down. everything
is broken.

break off the handle, break in the darkness—broke on
the daylight, woke up the same. i can take a beating and i'll
take the rub. i'll break the preacher and spread the love.

break up. break down. everything
is broken.
Track Name: The Sea
The Sea (Pete)

sea is calling, calling home
healed and crawling, crawling home

fly away we
try to see
cold clean air
Track Name: The Ages
The Ages (Pete/Wendy)

the young ones sing of dying as if they knew the man. the more
the old ones listen, the less they understand. you sit across the
table with your sharpened eye and you say—

walk away from everything towards everything we don't know and
in the end we'll die in our own arms

In the end you die in your own arms… (Tony Soprano’s mother)
Track Name: Lighthouse Song
Lighthouse Song (Jeff)

I’m a little bit confused—why here?
It’s the last place I would look

And I’m a little bit amused, my dear,
that you still read me like a book

The lighthouse is nearing, the wheelhouse keeps steering

And they’re a little bit bemused,
but we're all wearing a disguise

And though you feel a bit abused again,
you’re a sight for sorry eyes

The lanterns are burning, the phantom’s returning
A sad moon is waning, no time for explaining

Down the rabbit hole again, we don’t know which way to run.
But we’ll come out the other end.

I hope that they’ll make it, she’ll fix it — he’ll break it.
I’m a little bit amused, my dear -
can you still read me like a book?

The lighthouse seems nearer the picture comes clearer
Track Name: Bury Me Not
Bury Me Not (traditional)

"O bury me not on the lone prairie
Where coyotes wail and the wind blows free
When I die, don't bury me
'Neath the western skies, on the lone prairie.

"O bury me not on the lone prairie."
These words came low and mournfully
From the pallid lips of the boy who lay
On his dying bed at the break of day.

"O bury me not..." And his voice failed there.
But they took no heed to his dying prayer.
In a narrow grave, just six by three
They buried him there on the lone prairie.
Track Name: The Badlands
The Badlands (Pete/Wendy/Jeff)

i have been to the badlands, stood up on a hill. all that
paint washing down on a world standing still. i have been to
the badlands where i disappeared, where light draws out the sinner
and wilderness auctioneers. don't worry. sunflowers bloom.

i have been to the badlands, stood on the old frontier where
swales are folded into endings drifted on my inner ear.
don't worry, sunflowers bloom.
don't hurry—i'll follow you.
Track Name: Lonesome
Lonesome (Wendy)

lonesome—trees are swaying. lonesome me, dogs are wailing. out on a sea of
grasses a long way from here I'll bury my longing—a long way from here.

i'm standing still, the sky is crowded with stars and each one is singing.
out on a sea of grasses a long way from here I'll bury my tears—a long way from here.

you flew away—the ground is silent—but i know you loved me the best that you could
out on a sea of grasses a long way from here— i bury my heart a long way from here